Friday, February 8, 2008

Working out...

I got some feedback from a 'real male' about the male skin project I am working on.
To him, it was not muscled enough, especially when it comes to abdominals.
There are two schools that fight each other with more or less fierce feelings about this aspect of texture. Some want the most realistic skin texture with many details and of course the 'not so perfect' male features that go with it. Some others want to be the muscled-nekoish-darkeyed-sexy-slave-o-dom-tattooed-trendy-(I surely forget other adjectives)- male that we see a lot these days ISL.
Bottom line is:
- 2 muscle body variations
- 2 body hairs variations
- 3 face tattoos
- 6 face hairs
.... all right, just 72 skins to release now...
..; oh wait, I forget the scarred versions!

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