Friday, November 30, 2007

Fu Manchu!

I'm evil... pure evil baby...
Muh uh ah ah ah ah ah ah!

In the Navy...

... ta ta ta ta ta tada taaaaaa... In the Navy... hmmm, can anyone tell me why this music comes to my mind?

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Vain pottle-deep devil-monk

Thursday, November 29, 2007

En garde Monseigneur!

Today I try to stick to face hairs. It is a moustache day dear reader and I am really no fan of that. So let's try to make it fun and find some nice designs. I try to reproduce the XVIIth century style. Those lords and knights, with swords at their hips. My, between two fights, those guys had time to comb their hairs...

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Lumpish boil-brained hugger-mugger

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Photo: Have a walk in Midian City...

... and discover this really great cyber-punk designed sim. I took this photograph as I was waiting for a friend who had ODed chrimp tempuras.
It is a dark sim, 'but' Photoshop can help make it even darker.
TP following this link

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Rank rump-fed apple-john

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today's duty: face hairs...
Okay it's a bit boring to pile up some litlle hairs on a chin, so, as usual, I begin to think to something more funny and I end up by asking myself 'what if I try to add metal on my face and see how it turns? just like that? just to see?'.
And,as usual, I try a dirty mockup with metal parts and I don't do the Village People moustache I had sworn myself I would do today. Negko........ tsss, tssss

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Caluminous beef-witted bladder

Monday, November 26, 2007

What happens when you fight a dragon...

... with a tooth pick?
You lose your hair because of the flame you could not avoid, and you get scratches and lose an eye, because of the claws you could not deflect.
That will teach you Mr Smart ass fighter!

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Fishified half-faced mammet

Friday, November 23, 2007

How to easily create and place a face tattoo on Second Life

Piece of cake, you just have to create your own skin before! ;)))

/me is happy to show V15 of his skin prototype.
/me bows as eternal thanks to Johan Durant for having developed and released SLCP.
I just hope I will be able to release it before before it is f***** up by Windlight and its fabulous ava lighting system.

Photo: The Pond

A bit of narcissic work: me, myself and I posing for me, myself and I.
I took the shot at my place (did I tell you I was lazy?) and photoshopped it a bit to soften some curves and add the distance effect. Actually, I already had closed the angle for the snapshot, but it still needs some additional blurring to make it more real.

Shakespearian swearing of the day

bootless shard-borne pumpion

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Searching in my folders...

... and I found two shots of the 'ex & so nice' Zyba club.

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Paunchy motley-minded dewberry

Some sad news to start

I contacted Zoey Witherspoon, creator of Zyba, to get the SLURL of her place. I took a couple of photos of this building.
Unfortunately, her club has disappeared. Too bad, the architecture was lovely :(. Maybe in a few days/weeks/months, Zyba will be reborn from ashes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shakespearian swearing of the day

Artless crook-pated strumpet

'Sweetest Perfection' tattoo collection ad #2

Another ad for the new collection. Viola was kind and brave enough to show us errr... another side of her personnality. I think this girl rocks! :)

'Sweetest Perfection' tattoo collection ad #1

Many thanks to so cute Viola Bentham for modeling here.
The decor set has been taken at Zyba (or is it Zyba's), a very nice marocco style club.
The SL search engine will give you the place :)

First Post

Okay, First post.
As usual, it is used to test style sheet and bling bling on the page.