Monday, February 18, 2008

Custom order: howling wolf

Here is a tattoo made 'on demand'.
The main idea was to create something around the wolf theme, tattoo location could be lower back.
As you can see, I went pretty low.
It became more a scene of a wolf howling to the moon (appearing through mist) rather than a usual wolf head, whatever the style.
I added two kanjis representing 'moon' and 'wolf' behind the neck.
As requested by the client, this tat will be unique.


Anonymous said...

IT is a fabulous tat and I love it so much thank you Negko on all the work you put into making me such a wonderful tat. I get alot of comments on the unique design. Kat

Anonymous said...

hey this is amazing im after a new unique design for my hip a howling black wolf but cant seem to find any designs anywere here is my link n get in touch