Monday, January 12, 2009

Wawwrrrrrrr (aka zombie sound)

When you have a minute, get your favorite zombie skin and go grab some poseballs at REC!

Vampire Capture

Vampire Capture 02, originally uploaded by Negko DeVinna.

She bites and scratches but it was worth the pain.
Ah, aren't we moody today.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hangover @ REC

Hangover @ REC, originally uploaded by Negko DeVinna.

My, what a party it was. Who had the GREAT idea to attach me to the stairs with that chain?...
uhhhh, headaches, I feel like a zombie today.

Pic made after having watched the movie named 'REC'. There is a sim ISL with the same name. It's designed the same way the decor ste in the movie, even for poses and animations, very accurately. Some great work ISL actually. And as the movie is some sort of evil kid of forbidden love between 'dawn of the dead' and 'the blair witch project', it was a great opportunity to raise this skin from my dead inventory tomb.