Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elysium strikes again...

... with another brilliant photograph illustrating a tat.
Although the photo commemorates a sad moment of her life, I have to compliment her for the artwork.
Great job!
Photo following the jump.

3 more new tats for Kamate

... and that makes 6!
To be continued...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Rust: how to kill a big steel guy

Walking around the new Relic for Windlight (The new Relic), I saw a nice pose ball that gave me an idea for a photograph.
As a kid, I liked the super hero drama mythology (I understood later Marvel took it all from the Greeks &Romans, tsss tss).
Generally, it is all about desperate love and (violent sometimes) death.
This pose ball was also the opportunity to wear this great and so desired IRL (^^) Iron Man outfit.
About the photo, I just added a bit of rust to make it more in line with the idea I had of something tragic.
The rest is all Windlight... ok, maybe not the glow of light emanating from his chest.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Three new tats TBR ('To Be Released you fool' Mr. T)

Following previous work on the full body tribal / maori pattern I spent quality time on to remove the seams (did you say 'seams?), here are the first three products that I will launch @ my store @ Midnight Lotus (you can't miss Midnight Lotus, there is a big statue of two people with stone genitals having sex).
For the first time, I make these products 'NO transfer' but 'Copy' and add a demo button for those who want to try it before buying it. Let's see if you people prefer this method :).
About the tats, you will notice I preserve sensitive body areas such as nipples and pubis. This is SL for sure, but just think of an inked needle scratching your genitals... What? you want more?.... tss, you silly SM freak! ;)))
Ah, and also, these products are the firsts of a new collection I named 'Kamate'. Rugby players will immediately understand.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

/me blushes

...for two reasons.
First one is I have been reviewed, second is I almost forgot because I was on holidays (RL ones).
I almost forgot... I had my work reviewed by an SL blogger...
That's the fun ISL. You give your work to a friend of a friend without knowing him / her, and you get a nice IM saying that he / she likes your work and has published something about it.
Fortunately, it is positive ;).
Many thanks Elysium for your review!

Project Kamate: making a full body tat seamless...

... or almost.
This project will be to define a pattern work base for further developments.
The picture above shows the step of the seam removal. It is almost ok, I am reviewing now some details.
When it reaches the 'product' status it will have several declinations in terms of body places, ink depth, use as a background or as main subject.
It will also come as a series of skins for Orphée, and with that, I will be able to tattoo the face of the hero.
To be continued ... (my oh my, why is it so long? :))

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another skin tone, another story: Creon

From the skin pattern I have designed, I imagined a darker skin tone.
It also links to a darker story in my mind (!!), and I chose to name the skin Creon.
This is the name of a Greek king who chose to condemn his daughter Antigone to be buried alive because she had not followed his law.
A nasty man indeed...
So, here is the skin with all the facial hairs.
Summer comes, time to get some tan!