Monday, April 7, 2008


The skin project showed me two things:
1 - designing skins is not simple (yeah I know...)
2 - even ISL, you need 'holidays', some time you can do silly things, have fun, stop thinking to birth marks, scars, skin tone, hairs, ...
So these were and are for a little time my SL holidays: sailing!
I bought a Flying Fizz I have a lot of fun with. Of course, as usual and as many, I wanted to customize it to my colors and logo, and so I spend a bit more time on illustrator and photoshop to do so. But now it really looks like MY boat! :)
... oh Geez, I am 7 year old...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally, it's here... Orphée.

Weeks and weeks of work and... well not so much fun sometimes :).
But finally it is here and now I can move on other projects such as... tats, photos, and ... well maybe some other skins of course :)
Say hello to Orphée, the french name for the mythology hero Orpheus.
Orphée has been a movie by french director and artist Jean Cocteau.
This release is just the beginning of a story I expect to be as long as possible.
The skins has to improve and it will be done thanks to the ones who will buy it.
So... the more you are, the better it will be!