Friday, May 23, 2008

Three new tats TBR ('To Be Released you fool' Mr. T)

Following previous work on the full body tribal / maori pattern I spent quality time on to remove the seams (did you say 'seams?), here are the first three products that I will launch @ my store @ Midnight Lotus (you can't miss Midnight Lotus, there is a big statue of two people with stone genitals having sex).
For the first time, I make these products 'NO transfer' but 'Copy' and add a demo button for those who want to try it before buying it. Let's see if you people prefer this method :).
About the tats, you will notice I preserve sensitive body areas such as nipples and pubis. This is SL for sure, but just think of an inked needle scratching your genitals... What? you want more?.... tss, you silly SM freak! ;)))
Ah, and also, these products are the firsts of a new collection I named 'Kamate'. Rugby players will immediately understand.

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