Friday, January 11, 2008

A more Seductive Mata Hari

Let's move on with our portrait 'photographs' (hehe) and see what we can get from a new picture of our dedicated cute pose volunteer Viola :)

This picture come from the same series I made of her for her first profile photo (link here).
To have less subject distortion, I close my camera angle. The result is a more realistic face shape with normal proportions.
In motion, the standard SL camera angle is not disturbing,as it gives us a better view on left and right. Extremely useful when shopping :).
For a full body or face photograph, the result can be disastrous, especially if you make a close up and your camera is not horizontal.
I really like this photo because of the composition, the angle, the pose of the model, and the way she is looking at the camera.
The result gives a feeling of mystery and seduction. Because the camera is over her, we feel like we dominate the character, but the fact she is not gacing us, and the way she is looking at us send some sort of challenge message : 'are you really sure you are going to win this one?' she seems to say.
So now, let's try to enhance this image.
I won't spend lines to describe what I do but here is the aim of the photoshop job:
- detach Viola from the background
- highlight face / eyes / left hand
- boost hair color a little
- add some 'mystery' diffuse glow :)
This said, after some photo torturing Potter witchcraft, here is the result.
To me, a better color composition than the previous work I have done, her skin is not 'burned' (sorry V., I won't take pictures with a flame thrower any more again).

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