Monday, December 3, 2007

Windlight @ Kenroku: holly buddha!

I finally found time to install windlight latest release and run it. I seized this opportunity to visit a place called Kenroku.
Needless to say that I liked this place a lot :), and I also appreciated the new rendering by windlight.
With this new client, I am a little bit like a baby with a new toy, want to play with it without knowing all the features.
True: the sunsets are just speechless.
True: local lights look better
True: skin textures look a bit 'burned'
So, here are the first pictures, no added FX.
Oh by the way, let's advertize a bit :) : This 'très joli' hakama that I wear was found at House of Shaea (don't be lazy and type it in the search engine).
And to finish, Some contextual music to improve the effect :)

free music

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